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Thank you for you interests in the Rehab@Home Project. This page will provide an overview of the final event of the project that took place in Milan on September 15th. Please take the time to watch the video and post and comments or feedback you might have. This way, Rehab@Home will know what the major issues are that such a system will be able to solve.

Thank you for having supported us with your comments; they will enable us to improve our work.

The Rehab@Home Consortium

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Rehab@Home Milan 2015


Rehab@Home – Feedback



Video N. 1 (from 19.05-to 25.04)

Johanna Jonsdottir and Paolo Mocarelli: Welcome from Fondazione Don Gnocchi Milano

N. 2 (from 26.34- to 31.30)

Lidia di Minco: Statement of the Italian Health Ministry

N. 3 (from 32.10- to 55.19)

Michael Lawo (coordinator of Rehab@Home): Rehab@Home Project overview

N. 4 (from 57.31- to 1.35.54)

The participants to the roundtable moderated by David Wortley present themselves:
  • Michael Lawo, University of Bremen
  • Lidia Di Minco, Ministero della Salute Roma
  • Roberto Mollica, ASL Milano
  • Angelo Gambarotta, Telbios and ab medica Milano
  • Giorgio Lissoni, Lutech Milano
  • Lucia Pannese, imaginary Milano
  • Johanna Jonsdottir, Fondazione Don Gnocchi Milano

N. 5 (from 1.41.51- to 1.44.38)

Roundtable 1: challenges and difficulties in adopting new devices for healthcare Michael Lawo

N. 6 (from 1.44.39- to 1.47.56)

Roundtable 2: legislation and opportunity for innovation Lidia di Minco

N. 7 (from 1.47.57- to 1.56.49)

Roundtable 3: relationship between the healthcare system, personal data and citizens. Roberto Mollica, Angelo Gambarotta

N. 8 (from 1.56.50- to 2.04.25)

Roundtable 4: value to patients, value to clinicians, security to everybody Giorgio Lissoni

N. 9 (from 2.04.26- to 2.12.35)

Roundtable 5: games for patient’s empowerment and doctor’s role Lucia Pannese

N. 10 (from 2.12.41- to 2.15.38)

Roundtable 6: doctor’s responsibility in rehabilitation therapy Johanna Jonsdottir